Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My irises are starting to bloom...

This is a new iris to me...it was in a mixed bag I got a couple years ago. I think this is the first time it has bloomed. It is a beauty.
Some of the others are blooming, but I have not taken photos of them....I don't know why. I guess I have been in a kind of funk.

I haven't wanted to bore everyone with things...but hopefully one of them is over with. Roger had another spell of being broken out in this rash. I am not even sure how long it took to get over it, but probably at least 8 weeks, with three trips to the doctor. Maybe even longer. It just seemed like he was never going to get over it. He was in a lot of misery...even while we were in Tennessee. It was the nights down there....soon as we tried to go to bed, he would start itching.

When we came home he saw our doctor....he had just seen the nurse practitioners prior to this. And I am not saying anything against them...I really like both of them. A lot. But our doctor is older than both of them ...I am sure she has been a doctor longer than either of them has been a nurse practitioner. She ran a couple tests this time...which told her it was not lupus and not an allergic reaction.

Then there is me. My shoulder has been bothering me for months now. Started out kind of stiff...then there were certain things I would do that would hurt so bad. I kept thinking it would disappear just as mysteriously as it appeared. No such luck. I am not in constant unbearable pain with it....but moments of excruciating pain when I try to do certain things. And it is getting hard to find ways to sleep that it doesn't hurt slightly. Just enough to not be able to sleep.

Anyway, I had x-rays a couple weeks ago, then an MRI today...so will find out if anything is going on. We are hoping that therapy will do the trick. The doctor gave me a medicine to reduce swelling and pain, plus a topical ointment....and a couple exercises to do in the meantime. I think the medicine is already reducing the pain and I think I am getting more movement back...

Through this with the both of us, I hope we have learned to go to our regular Dr. when it is something like this...I bet she would have had Roger over his rash long ago, and if not would have been working on finding out what it is. She says if it comes back again, she is going to run more tests.