Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Puss Puss

I was sitting out back yesterday and had had one chair pulled up in front of me to put my feet up.  When that didn't feel good, I did not immediately put the chair back in place.  Puss got up there and proceded to turn half on her back and half hang her head back over the edge to look at me....couldn't resist a face like this.  Notice her little tongue is half out.
Some happenings of this day:
 1.  We saved a hummingbird's life you ask?  We were out there watching one and also thought to keep an eye on the girl above.  She spotted it and was headed for it but we managed to get her in the house.  This is the 3rd bird within a week.  The first was a baby robin, the second a baby sparrow, which I took from her...and I have no doubt she would have nabbed the hummingbird if we had not been there. 

2..  I cut more quilt pieces first thing this  morn.  Just a few, but if I do some every day, I will soon have enough cut.

3. I made a call our TV provider...had to make a 3rd call before I got a reduction in our price.  I really was ready to cancel.  I think we watch more Netflix and YouTube than we do TV.   Anyway, spend over an hour doing that.  The first call I made I was on the phone forever with the lady I was talking to.

4.  I had hung out a load of clothes, and didn't really look at my shoes when I came in.  I tracked grass all in the had that mess to clean.

5.  I did iron a few I the only one that irons things?  I don't all the time...but I do sometimes when I have hung certain shirts outside.  I don't hate to iron, but is sure not my favorite thing to do.  Unless it is fabric/quilt stuff.

I'll leave you with a song...