Thursday, July 11, 2013

From the yard...

The cardinals are always here looking for food...I always spread some seed on the ground till everyone can get a chance to get some..
This guy was flitting around on the lilac bush...I do not like yellow jackets at all.  I have been stung more by them than all other bees combine.  I always got stung at least two or three times a season at the orchard.

The are not very big but carry a powerful little punch.  I don't know if it is true or not, but I have been told that they will bite and sting at the same time.

One time I was sitting on the back porch, I think talking to my brother.  There was one of these at the storm door...buzzing it wanting in.  About that time here came Bubbie cat and started messing with it.  About the time I got up, he got stung...I opened the door and he flew in the house...ran through every room, back out the door and down the road towards the railroad!

It is funny now, but it was not funny then...I called for him, and think I even took a flashlight and went looking for him.  No Bubbie.  He did come back home...I don't remember if got back before I went to bed or if he was just here when I got up.  

The day is done...

The day is done and I am sitting watching a DVD called The Art of Quilting...I watched it some time ago but decided I could use the inspiration again.

I did finish my new smaller version quilt top of Crumbs in the Corner.  I thought I would finish the top and put it aside and start something new.  But I am trying to decide what to use for a backing and wondering if I have any batting left that will fit it.  It is 58 inches square. Also thinking about the backing...I have fabric that I could use, but would almost like to use up more scraps on the back.  I guess I will have just have to let the idea float around in my brain for a while.
All that being said, we really had the rain this afternoon.   And wind...
This big old maple tree blew down in the yard of the neighbor directly behind us.
It will be a mess to clean up. It was such a mess we could not tell if his garage received any damage or not.
Then there was our yard, well mostly garden.
 The wind just beat our garden up...even though the tomatoes were tied up to stakes, they were still whipped around a lot.
 Below you see the few bell peppers in the front part of the photo.
 This was taken after we picked the peppers and Roger tried to stand them back up.  They were almost laying flat on the ground.
I have cut these up and put them in the freezer....we picked them to take the weight of the plants.

Besides this, there was a limb blew down in our yard from the neighbor's yard that tore down bot my clotheslines.  Roger cut the limb up and he got the clotheslines back up after the rain finally quit.