Saturday, June 21, 2008

Slide film with multiple exposures...

Click to enlarge.
My old Nikon 8008 had multiple exposure capabilities. It has been so long since I worked with it, I cannot remember much about it. I am pretty sure I underexposed each exposure by one stop and that is about all I remember. I think I have a few more multiple exposures that I messed around with but I don't think I liked any as much as I liked this one.

You can accomplish the same thing with digital just by doing a collage...I am sure most programs have some way of accomplishing this. But the one I first started to use that is free on-line. It is Picasa. It is so simple...choose the photos you want to use--after you pick one, click on hold down at the bottom. Choose your next pictures and click hold after each one. Then click the button Collage and choose multiple exposure.
Below are two photos I chose and the last photo shows them layered together as a multiple exposure. In digital I have not worked with more than two exposures, but in film I would sometimes do 3 or 4...and some time I will probably end up playing with more in digital.