Thursday, November 3, 2011

Have you thought about the fact that Christmas is less than two months away?  I used to get an early start sometimes, then the longer I worked at the orchard, the less it happened.  Partly because I aged and was just too tired. Apple picking started at the end of August and ended the last of October, or first week of November, but there was still grading to be done. Part of it was that more trees matured and there was actually more work to do, so I had a reason to be tired.

I have been looking at things for the one thing picked out but cannot decide about what else.  I have no idea what I am getting for anyone else, either.

I did see something for my older daughter, but on closer inspection it was one of those special care I didn't get it.  Does anyone else get tired of those items of clothing that say hand wash and lay flat to dry...or even just the lay flat to dry part.  Who has room to lay everything out flat to dry anyway?

So, what is on your Christmas wish list?