Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Through the dining room window

Who can resist a face like this?  Certainly no one around here.  Everyone stops to pet her...she is a love.  This was taken through the window...I had to act quick because she was running around, and I don't think I gave it quite enough time to focus.  Still you can see what a loving face she has...
Next we have more from my dining room window.
We have several cardinals that visit the feeders....
they make me think Christmas any time I see them.
I even think they are becoming accustomed to the camera person behind the window.
They are not the only birds at my feeders...we have several starlings.
And also these woodpeckers...I think Downy but feel completely free to correct me.
I hope you enjoyed these.  This is not all that are visiting, but going to stop for now.