Friday, September 28, 2012


Not sure if I have posted this...doesn't matter.  I like the view and being that I am in a hurry, going to use it anyway.

We will be heading to get Lorelei here shortly for a couple our weekend will be busy.  I don't think she knows she is coming yet.  Sarah cannot mention it till she is ready to come or Lorelei drives her crazy.

Sarah was busy the other day and Lorelei comes in and says, "it's okay...I didn't do anything."  So Sarah ask her what did she do....she just says, "it's okay, I didn't do anything."  About that time Jeremy comes and asks what Lorelei done...she had been telling him the same thing.  So they searched till they found she had got a drawer pull off.  But those are words you definitely don't want to hear sometimes...thankfully this wasn't anything bad or messy.
We had Puss Puss to the vet this morn for her has never gone away.  It would get better at times and almost be completely gone only to start again.  She doesn't have a temp, doesn't have a runny nose, or matter in her eyes...but the vet is letting us try antibiotics this time. 

We got her shots, and her antibiotics and came home poorer by $126--though I guess anyone that can spend that much on a cat could not really qualify as poor.