Monday, September 21, 2009

Every picture tells a story

All the photos in this post were taken by Roger.

Just a little snooze time around noon.

And someone else being woke up after Lorelei's snooze time.

She could not reach him with her hand, so she rubbed and rubbed his head with her well as kicked him.  He just laid there and took it like a man.

Let me have him please!  There was no doubt that was what she was thinking.

Roger wanted me to lay her near him, and the first thing she grabbed his ear.  He never got mad or upset...he finally stood up to be petted by us and then turned around and sat down and watched while I dressed her.

They're back!

On the drive through the strip pits the other day, we saw a couple pair of the hawks...the Northern Harriers I am just about positive.

It is amazing how fast they can disappear.  It was a clear blue sky that day...not a cloud in sight as we watched both pairs.  Roger and I paused to look at each other and say something, looked back and they were nowhere in sight. 

I am still hoping to catch one while it is hovering...I have seen them this fall, but always in the distance.  I think one of these is one I saw.  They are usually fairly low when they do that....we were trying to get close enough for me to capture it and it took off and headed to where we later saw these.