Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Still sewing a bit....

 One of my blog buddies, Mary, sent me more of her scraps...she sent me a box a bit back and I got several blocks from it.  This is what I have gotten from the current one, and I have not gone through it all.  She doesn't blog much any more but we still keep in contact.  


Nothing much is happening...I am just trying to get in the habit of posting a little something every other day or so.

I will leave you with a pic of my other granddog....he loves everyone, but oh, man does he ever love Jeremy.  They had been gone over the weekend with drumline and this is right after they got home.  You can see that Gus is smiling, he is so happy.

Saturday, April 27, 2024

Favorite of mine...

 Dogwood blossoms are are probably at the top of the list of favorite blooming bushes...and even among flowers they are at least tied for the top.  I yet have to get a good picture.


We had excitement this morn.  I was just getting up when there was a knock at our door and my daughter said, 'mom, you want to come help me a minute?'  So I come out and she has a young squirrel that is wet, wrapped in paper towels to absorb part of the moisture.  She ask me to hold it while she went and got another one.

It turns out that some how they had got washed down the drain spout off the corner of the house out back.  Copper heard them, and tore the end of the gutter lose that goes down to the drain that drains it away from the house.  There were two in the drain, and it was full of water...they had their heads above water, but just barely.  

I think Copper had gotten the one before she got out there...she got him in and got the one that was struggling in the water...it is the one she brought to me...then she went back and got the other.  The mama squirrel was out there and she was fighting mad...in fact she was in the tree right beside my daughter barking and fussing at her.  And when Copper had the one, she had been on this partial wall that is out there and daughter was afraid she was going to attack Copper.

The one he had, still had a lot of life, but would not calm down...so she took them both out front in the hopes the mother squirrel would come to them...and we would look at them off and on.  They were too weak to climb the tree.  And it was starting to rain...

She thought a bit and got a box and taped all across the top with duct tape to repel water...and put a lot of paper towels in it to absorb water from them...and put them in it.  She also closed up the bottom flap to help conserve their body heat...and put in some pecans just in case they would eat.  We were hoping that when they got warm, they would feel better.

We watched for a bit and they remained in it.  After an hour or so, we had plans so left them there for a couple hours.  We came home and they were up in the tree.  The box was gone!  We assume the wind blew it as we could not find it anywhere.  

When they were first out there, the mother squirrel was out there in the tree, too...so maybe they will be okay.  

So that was the adventure for the day...I am just hoping they live...

Thursday, April 25, 2024

 I think this will be my last day of posting tulips...this was taken a few days ago... and the one below was taken a day or two later.

Even in death it is still beautiful.


I did my walmart run this morning.  I try to avoid Fridays as it seems more people are trying to miss the Saturday/Sunday crowd on Fridays.  I don't go real early...usually around 10:00...after Roger is up and settled with breakfast.

I have cut pieces for my little Boxed Squares blocks, but did not sew any.  My count is up to 416 made.  I am not sure I will make the 600 recommended for a full sized quilt, but I am pretty sure I will make at least 500.
************     Below is a video of the Avon Drumline....Lorelei plays the cymbals.  


 You can see the backdrops of the fingerprints her mom and put together.  See how we had to match the lines of the fingerprints.  At the end of the performance, they all drop.  If you go to youtube and expand the view, you get a much better view of it.

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

I forgot to post...

 I have been trying to do a post every other day....looks like even that is not going to be consistent.  Anyway, I had these shots to post...of my finished little quilted thing...

and below is the back again.

Notice the dark line at the top?  That is where I got a fabric scrap under the quilt and did not realize it...so sewed it to the quilt with the quilting.  I told Roger that is my signature...I don't think I have quilted a single thing without  doing that.  If it is for me, I leave it.  I just trim the excess away.  Funny thing is, I kind of like it.  

There are people that will layer several fabrics together and quilt a design.  Then maybe in one area, cut away the top fabric...and in another cut away two layers. and in another area cut away 3 of the layers.  It is definitely interesting.

Saturday, April 20, 2024

Puzzle addictions

 Since Christmas I have really indulged in putting jigsaw puzzles together.  I cannot even begin to remember all the ones I have done.  And I have enjoyed every minute.  Most were 1,000 pieces with a couple that were only 750 pieces.  I keep one going almost all the time.  My daughter helps sometimes, and others it is mainly me. 

The one above is from Cross & Glory...I bought if on amazon...it is the third of theirs I have worked.  But their prices just go up and up.  But the pieces fit together so well.  After the puzzle is worked, so far can easily pick up the puzzle at the top and and it stays together.  The downside of that is that is when you want to box it up, you have to sit and take it apart, not quite piece by piece but almost.

They have some unique puzzles...some I don't like at all, but others I love.  And I delayed getting one that I really like and now neither Amazon not the company itself has it.


I have worked on the binding some today...I could probably have finished it if I had focused on it, but I am not in a super hurry...I just enjoy it so much.

Lorelei/the drumline is participating in the championship this weekend.  We just watched through a streaming app.  She has really enjoyed it.

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Awaiting binding


I am considering the quilting done.  It could be better.  I see a spot that needs a bit of quilting but I am not going to worry with it.  I really need to get two or three things layer and ready to quilt, and practice, practice, practice.  

I did not take a photo of the front, but I am here to tell you that the thread blended in so well, it was hard to see where I had already quilted.  I wished afterwards that I had been able to quilt it from the back.  

The binding is made, I just have to sew it on by machine first, then flip it to the back and stitch it down by hand.   I suppose I should learn to do both steps by machine but I like the hand stitching part. 

For those of you that do not know, the binding is what encloses the raw edges of the quilt.


Another beautiful, but windy day here.  I did a Walmart trip and have not done much else.  I did steaks on the grill for use....they were delicious.   I am waiting to give meds and then think I will head upstairs to see if I can sew the binding on.  If I don't get detoured into something else...  

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Full of blooms...

 I hope you don't mind another flower shot...you will probably be getting several along if I continue to try to blog some every week.  This is my daughter's viburnum.  It is in full bloom and full smell.  I feel like I can even smell it in the back yard.  


We had wonderful warm weather yesterday and today.  Sitting outside weather.  Copper sunning himself weather.  I even got to sit out back and read a little.  Simple pleasures.

I took my camera out front today to try to capture some of the dogwood blooms.  I have not downloaded the pics.  The thing about being out there was there was a squirrel!  And it was almost friendly.  IF I had just had something with me, I may have had a new friend.  But by the time I came and got something, it was gone.  I can always hope.  It is not the one we see outback...the one outback is much bigger than it was.


I have my little 'quilt' almost quilted, but have not made the binding...so even if it was quilted there is still that to do.

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Sunshine and shadows...

I wish I were able to get down on my knees, but I cannot so I do the best I can.  I was out looking to see if the hibiscus is showing life, which it is, but also snagged a couple photos of these tulips...well this one...the others did not turn out.  I do like this...but wish the center were not quite so dark.

I have not done much this day except go to Mcds for Roger's standard breakfast, fixed my own breakfast when I got home, and I did a few dishes.  

Oh, and I made  up meds.  Roger takes so many that I use these little portion cups that have lids and make them up for at least 16 days at a time.  Sometimes 18 days.  The only bad thing doing this, which has not really happened would be if he were to have to discontinue one.  I would have to go and figure out what it looks like before I could take it out.  I would recognize some of them, but not all.  

I have not touched sewing...maybe some will happen this weekend...

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Still on the nest

One of these days when the weather is not misting rain, I will take my good and try to get a close up pic of her.  

It is a rainy week for us.  I think it has stopped a few times, today but there are big, big puddles of water collected anywhere there is room for one.  

I ran to Walmart this morning between rains, and this little creek that usually has just enough water in it to be flowing was raging.   The road had places where I would have hated to have been an hour before.  Water covered most of the road in a few places.  Luckily no one was behind me and no one right there so I could scoot over into the oncoming lane and miss them with one wheel.


I did get my little quilt 'runner' top finished last night and I got it pin basted to quilt today.  Maybe tomorrow I will get some quilting time.  I honestly thought about hand quilting, but I want it done sooner than later.  Hopefully I will get it done.

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

a bit of sewing...

There are three of these blocks though you cannot see the third.  They are left over from the project HERE.  I always keep something on the back of Roger's chair.

I wanted and needed something new for his chair, and had been thinking off and on what I might make.  I even considered just doing two fabrics and quilting them.  Per usual, I could not make a decision.  So, I thought and thought some more, and got to thinking about how he loves Civil War Reproduction fabrics, and I thought that is the fabric to use, no matter what I make.

I pulled out the container of the fabrics and found these three blocks...they are perfect for this.  And now they will be used.  I added the sashing strip between the blocks and did the one border.  And will do at least one more border.  One of the reproductions fabrics I have is green, so I may use it since it is Roger's favorite color.

I want to get to sew some on it today, but also need to do another chore or two.  So it may be tonight before I get up there.

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Grand pup

 First of all, the photos of Gus are not by me.  I think Sarah took both of them...I know she did the first one.

Gus adores Jeremy....he loves everyone, but Jeremy especially.

He likes to relax with anyone, though, as you can see above with Lorelei.


Not much going on here this weekend.  Daughter put on Quarterback on Netflix and it is really good.  In my opinion.  I told her, it might lead me to watching football again.  We always watched the Colts, and I was interested in it because Peyton Manning had went to University of Tennessee.  After he left, I just could not get into any of the newer quarterbacks.

And we always watched the Saints because of Drew Brees....partly because  he went to Purdue.  

This 2023 season is about Patrick MaHomes, Kirk Cousins, and Marcus  Mariota.  It is interesting.  

Friday, April 5, 2024

It could be better....

This could be better but I am still fairly happy with it.  The only thing I wish he had been looking at me.  I was shooting through the tree and was glad to get it focused this good.  


Another cold and damp day.... not comfortable to be outside.  I had to run to Walmart this morn.  I hope to not have to go again on a Friday.  It was just not fun...seemed like I was always in someone's way or they in mine.  And I saw something I have not seen before.  One of the guys stocking the Coke shelf had his pallet set cross ways of the aisle and had it completely blocked, instead of parking it parallel.  I figures something was wrong, but did not ask.

I spent a lot of time on laundry.  I absolutely hate the new washing machines.  They waste so much time and I truly think more water and I know more energy.  I never wash a load that I don't rinse twice.  I always put it on extra deep, and still my clothes/quilts stick up out of the water.  And they take forever to do a load.  I don't know what a person would do that had a lot of sickness/dirty bedclothes to launder.  And this washer doesn't take as long as the one I had bought a few years ago.

I am running on fumes now so will post this and try to rest.

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Not my usual sewing...

Can you tell just how slick/slinky this material is?  I am not sure that slinky is the right word.  It just slides all over creation when you try to work with it.  I wish I had taken a picture of a whole panel.  My part of the job was two sew 11 sets of two panels together down the long side...which was 8 ft long.  The two panels made a huge finger print so there was matching the lines to be done.  

Sarah went and bought a serger to finish the edges or we would still be sewing.  That fabric frays so easily and so much I am not sure how long it would have taken to try to do a rolled hem.  But she put her foot on the pedal and got them done, then I turned up and hemmed them.

It was a project for the Drumline--Lorelei's instrument is the cymbals. 


We had shirtsleeve weather earlier this week.  Today was cold with spitting snow part of the time.  The wind felt like it was direct from an iceberg.   I am beginning to wonder if spring will ever fully arrive. 


Monday, April 1, 2024

Does anyone want to play?

This was taken a few days ago...when I get Copper up every day, he wants to play for a few minutes.  He has done been out to potty earlier when his mom was up, getting ready to go to work.  Even though he is 4 yrs old, he is not trustworthy to leave out without someone is up with him.  I leave him in his  place till I have vacuuming done, or if I have to run somewhere, I will leave him there.  Or sometimes I have Roger come out and set with him.

I have had my camera out playing some, not for the first time, but for the first time it felt natural.  Maybe I will get myself together enough to start posting occasionally.

For right now, though, I have to get busy.