Friday, February 14, 2014

Random 5 Friday

First of all,  Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you get to spend it with a loved one.

I swear I haven't got a brain!  I should have had my Random 5 ready to go but am going to have to sit here a bit to think of what I want to enter.  It is really apt to be a hodgepodge of stuff.

1.  Last night I was opening a bottle of Orange Crush...and it made me recall how bottle caps used to have that little layer of cork in the top.  Does anyone else remember those?  We used to try to get that piece of cork out in one piece, then we would put the bottle cap on front of our skirt, shirt, or whatever kind of cloth we wanted, then take the cork piece and come from behind the material and push it into the cap....thus pushing the fabric in and the bottle cap would stay there.

2.  We are supposed to get a little bit more snow today.  3-4 inches.  But it was supposed to be started snowing by now, so maybe 'they' will be wrong.  I haven't looked at the weather today, figuring as long as I haven't seen the radar I can live in hope.

3.  I am still having trouble with my glasses.  This is a first for me.  I did go and have them adjusted but soon as I had worn them a while, I felt  like they were hurting me in a new place.

4.  OH, I have a favorite post for you.  If you want to read something funny, got to Caron's blog, I have a piece of news for you.  Read  Did you Hear that?  It was a Crunching noise--I laughed till I cried the first time I read it...went back last night and read it again and it was still funny.

5.  We definitely need a butler!  Bubbie goes out one door, goes around to the other and wants in.  Then, I kid you not, he goes back to the original door and wants out right away.  He is a fun kitty.

Well, how's that for a random 5?  To see more, go check out A Rural Journal's Random 5 Friday meme!