Thursday, January 26, 2012

A few visitors...

I happened to spot the pileated woodpecker across the street, but it was slushing at the time and I dared not get my camera out in it so stood on the porch and shot through my wisteria vine. Slushing is my word for when it is the stage between rain and freezing rain...we had freezing rain, rain, slush, and a tiny bit of snow this evening...
Anyway, trying to do a quick post of a few of the birds that the above a white-capped sparrow? Haven't had time to look...will explain that on farther down.
There were a couple nuthatches to visit,
chickadee/s...didn't see no more than one at a time so don't know if it was just one coming back or more than one.
And there were three pair of cardinals out there at one time...not like we used to have at home by any means but it is the most I have ever seen together at one time here.
So, I couldn't sleep last night, went back down stairs and cut strips to length from about 2:00 a.m. to after 4:00 a.m., came up and went to bed at last...

Have did laundry, dishes, etc and also been back down there a lot in the afternoon till about 8:00....came back up to sit down and rest. I got my laptop and had not been sitting there any time till it just quit....overheated I am sure. So, am hurrying to post this in case it decides to quit on me again.

I have got to take the back off and see if I can clean out dust and that help. I am sure it is full of it...just no way it isn't. I have a couple posts scheduled for my other blog, but if I don't post for the next day or two, you will know what that something is up with this computer.

Edited to add that My North informed me that it is a white crowned sparrow...I had a feeling I might be wrong but couldn't think what else it could be called.