Wednesday, July 23, 2014

First of all....

First of all, I wondered is blogger slow for any of the rest of you?  Here the past few days, sometimes when I click to comment, I will have to wait and wait.  Sometimes, I have to click two or three times for it to ever pop up.  And each time I wait a bit...not like I click and click and click.  I click and wait...finally will 'x' out of it, then click again and wait and wait.

Then there is the issue of it taking forever for the editor to load.  Maybe not forever, but it is slow.  I have not seen anyone mention this lately, so I wondered if I was the only person having these issues.  I did see others having issues a while back, but I did not have any to speak of at that time.
One of my day lilies.  I remember I used to not care for these at all, and now I just love them.  They come in such a variety of colors.  I think I need to separate some of mine.  It is just a matter of looking up when is the best time.

I am sitting here watching the birds...they are after the sunflowers now.  I am wondering if the seed are any good cause they are not after them as they normally are.  One year I raised some of the big headed sunflowers, and the seeds did not have anything in them.  I did not plant these, they grew from the seeds the birds dropped.

I am running late with this.  Running late this morn.  I need to get off here and get ready for this day.  It looks like rain, so I won't be hanging out any clothes.  I guess I will be forced to sew, which is what I did a lot of the time yesterday.