Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Drive-by barn

This sure could be better....but again it is at a place where the only option is a drive-by shot. I have loved this barn for a long, long time. It is one we pass on our way to Arthur, Illinois. I am submitting it to Tricia's Barn Charm meme....
I think we are all on the mend now, as far as colds/flu is concerned. Roger and I came home Friday night, only for me to go back Saturday morn to Sarah's. The flu or whatever it was did not want to give up the hold it had on her.

Lorelei is over the runny nose...poor little girl. It is a wonder her nose was not sore as a boil with the number of times she had to blow it. But at least she knew how to blow.

How that little girl is changing...every time I tell a few things about her I realize later I forgot other things. So realize with what I am telling now, I am still probably leaving out something.

She got her wand and started telling her Papaw to 'freeze'--where she learned that is more than we know. She would tell him freeze and he would make a crazy face and freeze and she would just giggle and think it so funny.

And when I was back over there she was playing hide and go seek with me...she does not count of course but she understands the concept of hiding.....again, she giggles the entire time. (I should say she counts, she does not understand the concept of counting before coming to find me.)

They came by here yesterday....well, I have a china cabinet that is full of treasures. She wanted to look at them and was standing in the chair. Her mommy told her to sit down or she was going to be spanked...Lorelei tells her no. In the end Sarah swatted her bottom once and set her down. Well, in a bit she got back up, and her dad is in here by then..and he tells her to sit down and she won't, so he swats her bottom and sits her down. Now the swatting is just symbolic..it is not hard enough to hurt...but she has all these big old tears, and comes crying to me and says "Daddy spank", trying to get her daddy in trouble.

And sometime during the time of their visit, she was playing with the 'seat belts' in this child's rocker chair we have for her. And she was getting furious...really showing her temper....and let out a scream and her daddy really got on to her about it....and he explained to her to just be patient, etc...she calmed down and was able to do what she wanted which is play with the clips...and as she fastens them, and she says in this weak, tear-filled voice '"Thank-you daddy."