Sunday, June 30, 2013

Poem about Lorelei, by her Papaw....

To best view it, I would suggest right clicking on the photo, and then click view in another window.  If you still have trouble reading, here are the words:

Our little feather
Our little feather, she flits here and there.
Quick as a bunny, she jumps like a deer.
She’s brainy, and special, and thinks many thinks.
She can figure out figures, and kink out the kinks.
She’s too quick, she’s too smart, and she’s hard to hold.
She scares us to death, cause she’s way too bold!
I pray for her soul every day of the year!
Because her teens are coming, and we live in fear!
Pa Paw

We came home from somewhere about a week ago, and Roger sat down and wrote this in just a few seconds...and I played with one of my pictures...and we printed a copy for each of us.  the only difference being that the lines were centered like above and all on the white part of her jacket.  This was just a quick redo on my computer for me to give you an idea of what she did.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

From the strip pits...

I was at the strip pits today...first thing I saw was the turtle you see here.  He was too far away for a good pic.  After I had taken this pic, I noticed the kingfisher on that old dead tree.
I eased on down the road, keeping an eye on the strip pit and there was this other kingfisher on the end near the road.  I didn't dare try to get out of the Rav but did get a couple shots without him taking flight.  They are usually gone before I ever get close to them.

They were the most exciting thing to be seen, though I did hear several pheasants.
Still waiting on the toot to get here...they were caught in stopped traffic for a bit.  And they have to stop by a friend's house before they get here.  I am anxiously awaiting their arrival.  I wonder what all Lorelei will have to tell us...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I don't know where to start....

We planted this hibiscus this spring...
the blooms are probably at least four, if  not five inches across. 

I don't know where to start, and even with starting, I know I probably won't post regularly for a while. 

As of today, I am done going to therapy...but not done with the exercises.  She thinks I am to the point that I should be able to continue on my own.  I am sleeping much, much better than I did for a while. 

I have my latest crumb quilt quilted and got the binding sewn on today...all I have left to do is flip to the back and sew it down.  For people not familiar with making a quilt, it is normally the last thing to do to finish a quilt.  I first sew the binding on with my sewing machine, then flip it to the back side and sew it down by hand...some people do both steps with a sewing machine but I just enjoy doing it by hand while I watch TV.  This encloses the raw edges of the quilt.

Sarah and Lorelei are coming tomorrow evening for a couple of has been too long since we have seen them.  They went to Myrtle Beach for a week, and just got home last weekend. 
Oh!  Got a book for you to read...last week I finished The Eighty Dollar Champion:  Snowman, The Horse That Inspired a Nation.

It was just the best book.  Snowman was in the truck, ready to be taken to the glue factory.  He had sores and hair rubbed off from harnesses...had been a plow horse.  Harry arrived too late to bid on any horses in the auction, but for some reason Harry caught his eye.  It might have been just how calm he was while all the other horses were showing signs of stress.

He bought him for $80 to use at local boarding school where he gave riding lessons to the girls...Harry cared for Snowman and his health returned.  He was so calm anyone could ride him....

No one had any idea he could jump.  Then at the end of school every year, Harry has to sell part of his horses cause he does not have room to keep them all at his farm.  He always looks for good homes for them.  A doctor was looking for a calm horse for his child to learn to ride on.  Harry felt this doctor would be good to Snowman, and Snowman was wonderful with children. 

After the doctor had him a few days, Harry got a call.  The doctor thought Harry had tricked him...Snowman had jumped the fence.  Harry of course thought a gate had been left open.  So, the doctor keeps him.  One morning, Harry is going out to the barn, and guess who is there?  Snowman!

He takes him back to the doctor, and goes around the entire fence and can see that there is no place for him to get out.  He had jumped.  So, he has the doctor put him in a smaller enclosure at night where he cannot get a good run and jump the fence.  Snowman still returns to Harry. 

This time, Harry somehow ties a tractor tire to Snowman...he can drag it and still get around.  It is rubber, and won't hurt him.  No way is he going to be able to jump the fence while dragging it behind him.  WRONG!  He is back at Harry's farm, dragging the tire behind him.

So, if you get a chance, grab this book and read it.  Read about Snowman's road to being Champion...while at the same time the kids can do anything with him. It is one of the best books I have read in a while.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Looking for inspiration...

I look at this little cabin and wish it were mine...I would love having a little building as my own studio.  But lately I have been wondering if I had one, would I get anything at all done.  I have been spending a lot of time looking for inspiration, but I don't think I will be satisfied till I can get that last crumb quilt layered and quilted. 

We will be in Terre Haute before the week is out, so hoping to find something at Joanne Fabrics to use for a backing.  I am wanting to use flannel...
I am still going to therapy....twice a week.  I do the exercises twice a day, and now I have so many to do it takes about an hour to do them each time...give or take a minute or two.  The one movement that is so slow to come is putting my hand behind my back.  Otherwise I have really, really improved.
Roger had surgery last week to remove a ganglion cyst right at the base of his left hand.  When the doctor got in there he found this Giant Cell cyst/tumor...can't recall now whether he called it a tumor or a cyst.  Anyway, he said they are always benign, but sent it to be checked just to make sure.  Said it was a good thing he found it.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

New Buzzard Lodgings....

Heading down to the local Dairy Queen a week or two ago, we notice this tower with a few buzzards perched on it.  We thought, 'No, it couldn't be...'  But when we came back by there were even more there.  And almost every time we pass there are at least a few on it.
Yesterday morn, on the way to therapy, it was body to body buzzards on these sections you see here.  By the time therapy was over, and I got home and got my camera they had started to disperse.
 This tower is right downtown in Clinton...behind the City Hall...I am hoping to get down there when lighting is better.