Saturday, October 5, 2013

She's coming again....

She is coming again after while!  Here she is dressed as Dorothy...she posed like this and said it was for her Aunt Becky!  Last year she ended up sick at Halloween and didn't get to go. And regardless of it having my copyright on it, the picture was taken by her mom.  I just forgot to remove that, and am in a hurry to get this posted.

We had rain last night...but no big puddles or anything this morn.  We even had a little bit of thunder with it.  Seems like every time Lorelei comes, it either has just rained, or rains while she is here.  I hope last night is all we get, but the weather is giving and 80% chance for rain today.

I still cannot tell how the foliage is going to be....we see a few trees losing their leaves so early.  We wonder if they were damaged in drought last year and losing their leaves is part of the results.  The Virginia creeper is really beautiful...hoping I get out in the next few days to take a few shots...and berry briars are changed for the most part.  The sumac is in the process of going at least some things are going to be beautiful!