Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Art from the flea market

Sunday we took a little drive...headed north to check out the swamp area we go to.  Nothing happening there, so continued on our way.  Just taking a rambling drive.  Then Roger wondered how far we were from Veedersburg....and wondering since it was a holiday if they would have the flea market.

So that is where we heading and the flea market was open, though not nearly as many vendors as during the Covered Bridge Festival. I could not resist a picture of these guys...the yellow/orange makes me think of Roadrunner....what about you.  What/who do they remind you of?

This past weekend I was looking for something on you tube, and I came across an advertisement for Tennessee....which led me to finding this song/video...

It was fun to watch this because I have actually photographed at least two or three of the same barns used on the slide show.