Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Another day come and gone....

First off just have to share the above photo with you...of Otto with Lorelei and her friend, Emily.  He has to be in the middle of all that they are doing...what more could you ask for in a dog.

I have to tell you that Sarah went to her job today...since it was Jeremy's day off, Lorelei stayed home with him.Lorelei had not gotten up when Sarah left for work, and Jeremy woke up to Lorelei standing in the doorway whimpering "I can find my mommy anywhere."  Gosh, I could have just bawled when Sarah told me.  I know she was fine in probably a minute or less...cause she sure loves her daddy, too.  But sure made me feel for anyone that has had a child lose their mom....or for a mother that has lost their child.
Lately I seem to be more interested in reading and quilting than anything mind takes such flights of fancy that I cannot settle down to blogging.  I have trouble coming up with something to blog just going to blog about life.

We seem to have to go somewhere every day...I think I could go for days and not leave the house and be happy.  I had to go to the post office today...I had been getting one package ready to mail last night when I ran across a book that belongs to one of my sisters...I thought I had mailed them all back to her but apparently one of the cats had knocked it down.  (They were on a desk by a anyone with cats knows...they will get to that window no matter what!)  So that made two packages to mail....and I picked up a couple books of stamps.  We stopped at Walmart to pick up a couple things, and then by the grocery....and finally home at last.

I don't even remember what we done when we first got home, just know that we both ended up down in the basement...he at one end and me with my sewing machine.  I cannot settle on my next project, so I sat and made some 4-patches from some scraps I had cut a while back.  I am not sure what I am going to do with them...but just feels good to sew a few lines.

Somewhere during the time of it all, we had a grilled cheese and tomato soup.  Does anyone else have certain foods they associate with certain people,  or places and time?  I associate tomato soup and grilled cheese with working at the orchard...and winter.  It just felt so good to come in to a hot bowl of tomato soup with grilled cheese on cold days.  I like it any day, but especially on cold days.

It is getting late...I want to see the local news....