Monday, September 12, 2022

Future Gymnast

 I hope this is so quick if you blink twice you will miss it.  It is the far corner of the couch you want to watc.

Also, below is the Christmas quilt that is finished.  It is 67 inches x 76 inches.

The blocks on point were given to me by a blogfriend, Mary, years ago.  I could never decide how  I wanted to use them. 
I am sorry not to be commenting more.  It has been a stressful time.  Roger is all over the place with how he is feeling, things that are happening.  He was starting to come around to more what is normal now after the last episode when I called the ambulance.  He went down in the basement and stood for an hour or two working on something when I was gone.

It set off more strange things.  So long and involved it will make your head spin.  And the thing is sometimes it is like flipping a switch from on to off or off to on..  After the standing down in the basement, and his wrist started hurting, the second day after that he got up with his hand swollen.  I took him to the emergency room.  The doctor did not tell me what it was, but to another dr. he called it cellulitis.  He put him on strong antibiotic.

I kept him on them...his hand got better, but he is still not normal.  But the antibiotic may have been too muc.  We have been to NP and she is doing a repeat of some labs to compare to last time.  I have not heard about them.  But she said they gave him way too much of the antibiotic.

He will feel absolutely terrible, may nap, and get up and be a lot more normal.  But it is never two days in a row.  And he may be what seems fine for a bit and turn around and there is just that terrible strained look in his eyes.  He still teases some...not a lot.  But more than he did with the last episode.

I hate coming on here just to sing the blues...