Saturday, January 15, 2011

After long absence...

After a long absence, I think I am about ready to start blogging again, but don't hold it again me if I fail to post every day...I feel like I have been on a long journey. Before I tell anything that has been happening, I wanted to show a few pictures of the Toot.

Below, you will see her hard at work with her screwdriver...working on one of her toys. She does love tools. And always turning anything with wheels upside down. She has been doing that forever. I bet she won't be very old at all before she is helping her daddy when he works on his car. He is not a mechanic by trade, but loves to fiddle with his car, or if his friends are doing anything interesting to theirs, they sometimes call him. It is a fun thing, not a job.

Also, be sure and notice how close Otto is...usually, he is not far from her.
and by the same token, he couldn't get far away if he tried. Lots of mornings, the first thing she does is go get him up. She will run into her mom and dad's room, and I am thinking she is going after them, but no, she goes and yells for Otti and comes running out with him.
One morn he had his collar on, and Lorelei was climbing on his back holding on to it...he got up to go do something. Well, he never does anything in slow motion, so she had a short wild ride before she fell harm. I was really surprised that she did not start trying it on a regular basis...but normally, he just lays and takes it all.
She has recently started to love baby dolls...and has to have a least one to take to bed with her every night, and sometimes we will have her, two or three babies, and maybe Olivia all to pack into her crib.
Lorelei's mom had her second surgery the 16th, except for a couple or three nights, I was over there for probably 3 weeks....this surgery only took about 50 minutes compared to the 7 ½ hours of the first surgery. Recovery has went well....

Our older daughter came home from Los Angeles for was so funny to see Lorelei's reaction to her. Usually, when she hasn't seen some one for a while, she is a little bit shy. But she seen her Auntie asleep on the couch, and said 'Mommy?', and went over there. I wondered what she would do when she saw it was her aunt and not her mommy....she just kept going with a smile that could not be any bigger! And from then on, she made almost every step her aunt made.

And even though her aunt left the 30th, she still mentions her almost is just so sweet. She said her name to me, two or three times yesterday, and Sarah said she had mentioned her the day before.

Little Lo is sick...Sarah came home to spend the night on the 5th, and Lorelei started vomiting and running a temp that night...Sarah did call the doctor while she was here, she could not get in to see her, but the doctor seemed to think it was just a stomach flu that was going around anyway.

Well, that has been 11 days ago and she is still running a temp. Sarah took her to her new pediatrician over there. He checked her over physically and could not see anything...her lungs were clear, her ears were fine, thought maybe it was just the end of some virus. But he is having her checked for bladder infection. So keep her in your prayers.
We have had snow, snow and more snow...of course not as much as my brothers in Tennessee. I will have to check in with George and Betsy and see what they have....they live in Tennessee also, but farther west than where I am from.

I have not been taking many photos...haven't been doing much of anything since being home. Roger got me a little netbook for Christmas...we ordered it after I came home, just something small to take with me for convenience. Or something to take up and down to the basement when I am working down there. It only weights 2.8 pounds....I think the physical size is a little over 7 inches wide, and a bit over 10 inches long, and about and 1 inch in depth.

It does not have its on dvd/cd drive, so had to buy and external cd/dvd writer to make the recovery been fooling some getting it set up.

For now, that is all I have to say...please bare with me as I try to catch up with everyone.