Thursday, June 5, 2014

Does this bring back memories

Remember when it seemed like winter was going to last forever?   I wonder how cold it is to ride in an open buggy like this in winter.  This one was taken December 8, 2013.
We are having a beautiful day so far.  No humidity to speak of.  Specially when compared to the past few days.  We are headed to Walmart and maybe to a couple junk shops.  We want to get out while the getting out is good.
They did call about the pathology reports....both spots she removed were basal cell.  It is usually not dangerous, so just going on with life.  I do know though that soon as these are healed I am going back to have a couple more removed.  One of them I just forgot to point out to her, the other I had never noticed cause it was so close to one of the ones I had removed.