Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Scenes from the day...

Just a few shots from the day

I have had these pieces laying there beside my sewing machine for too long to tell.  They are leftovers from another project.  I sat a while this evening and sewed them together and made them into hotpads.  Well, 3 hotpads.  Not a single one is finished.  But it is a start.  

This is actually the 3rd iris color to bloom...I didn't take a photo of the second one.

My wisteria has blooms slowly trying to pop open.  Notice how short and fat the bloom pod is.  I thought maybe as the wisteria aged, they would be more like the ones I remember from home but they have not changed at all.  I don't know if this is something that is bred into it to live in our coldness zone or what.

I thought this clematis was early, but it is about the exact same dates as my photos from last year.

Roger used the leaf blower before I got to take this one...

Does anyone else watch Call the Midwife....it is one of my favorite shows.  Roger likes it okay, but not as much as me.  In the show there is a character called Sister Monica Joan.  She has the characteristics of the elderly...she gets confused...appears a little bit crazy....and she dearly loves sweets.  She often says strange things.  And sometimes she is so spot on.

This past weekend the quote from her that stood out to me was:

'I find two opinions are always better than one, particularly if one is mine.'

That just cracked me up....

Then there are the closing lines of the show...I wish I had kept them all...or at least the ones that I loved if nothing else.  This past weekend the words were:

' and so we let go of their hands but not their hearts of the need to be needed but not the need to love'

It so made me think of our grandbabies growing up...

Lorelei is done stretching her wings.  We picked her up from school this past Friday and brought her home for a few hours.  Her mom came to get her after she got off work, and Lorelei was wanting to spend the night with some of her cousins.

She said she wanted to spend the night with someone that felt like running and playing tag, and hide-and-go seek.  She was flitting around all the time chatting, then she came over to me and asked me if she hurt my feelings saying that...I told her no, and she was hugging me and me her...and I told her I understood, but what if it did hurt me...would she spend the night with me instead....she said Yes!  I don't ever want to hurt the feelings of the people I love.