Thursday, October 20, 2011

A gray sort of day

Its another gray day here in the Wabash valley. The above photo was taken day before yesterday, but it looked just about the same yesterday and today. Though it wasn't actually raining here when we left home this morn, by the time were up the road a few miles, it was misting rain.
It is the Covered Bridge Festival in Parke County this week...we have been to different places on three separate days. The first day was a useless trip...I had a horrible headache when we left home and it did not improve, so we no more than got there till we just came home. That was Monday and it was a pretty day...that was why we attempted to go that day.
Tuesday we went to Rockville in the misting rain....they have a big tent set up with several vendors in it. Among them was the gourd lady...I bought half a dozen from her. I think I will make birdhouses out of one or two, and give the others to Sarah to paint. The gourd lady is a fun lady to talk to. We have been by her farm numerous times but have never stopped...I am thinking the next time we will.
But back to the focus of this post....we ventured farther north today to what is usually a big flea market. As I said earlier, not raining here when we left, but did not get very far from home till it started misting. We continued on, knowing that some would not be open. The bottom line is that hardly any vendors were open....I found a couple books for light reading and Roger found a few little things he could use in his shop.
I could not help but think how thankful I was to have a car that had heat, and how thankful to come home to a warm house with warm, running water. I almost always think about these things when I am out in cold nasty weather...and think about what it must have been like to be traveling in covered wagons and no place to really get away from the cold and rain.
As we came home we stopped by the grocery and got the fixings for a big pot of vegetable house smells soooo good right now. I wish we had scratch and sniff applications for our computers. I think I am going to go up and have a bowl...then come back down to my sewing.
I leave you with one of my favorite barns near here...I snapped this on the way home today.

the last time these will be photographed for a while...

For a while these yellow flowers were everywhere we went that had any water, or had had water. I never tire of them...but think it will be a long while before I get to enjoy their beauty again. They are all gone now.

And after today, I bet a lot of leaves are gone as well. It has been rather chilly the entire day and I don't think it has stopped raining the one single time. Everything is dripping water. The cats want out, we open the door for them--sometimes they go on out and others they start out, pause and sniff and look and feel...they turn around and go back inside. If they do go outside, they want back in before 20 minutes pass. They have us so well trained...

I have spent a big part of the day with fooling with fabric and with sewing. I did sit with graph paper and started figuring on how to arrange the colors. I was dreading that part, but don't know why. It is just squares of fabric...but I am working with a limited amount. It is fabric left over from another project. I did buy a couple other pieces to go with what I had...