Monday, November 30, 2020

Not a lot to show

 There are a few more here than the last time I took a pic of them...6 more if I am counting right.  I still do not know what I am going to do with them.

I ran into Hobby Lobby the other day and came out with these:

I got them for Lorelei and her mom.  Lorelei loves sloths...I thought sure I was getting her something really unique.  But when Sarah was decorating their tree, she got to the bottom of her ornaments an there were two exactly like this one.  But she did not have the squirrels.

We went over there for Thanksgiving....Sarah baked the ham and  the basic cooking of green bean casserole, mashed taters, corn, crescent rolls and I forget what all.  Our other daughter made chex mix, sweet potato casserole, a cake that was delicious, and another snack.

All I made was an apple pie and deviled eggs...

I feel like I am forgetting something...but so weary I am just going to post this and try to settle down for the evening.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

The Copper update...

 Just a few pics from our daughter...just have to share some of the cute views...

I call the one above All Tuckered Out...and though it has my name on it, it was taken by my daughter.  Both Copper and Delta had had a hard day of play.

Notice in the photos above and below...the ears!   He does not keep them up all the time, but at least they do stand up.

From being left in a box beside a highway, he has come a long way.

Poor Delta!  But oh, don't you love it.  Delta is so patient.  I don't know if she has ever gotten short tempered with him.  


I have a couple videos to share.  I cannot decide on just one so  since both are short, will share both.  Both will either make you laugh out loud or at the least smile.  First up is Jeanne

And now, watch this one, be sure and watch past the first few seconds.  The real fun begins around the 20 second mark:

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Long time no post...

 It has been so long since I posted I probably will break it up into a couple posts.  In this first post, I will show some of Lorelei's art.  

These above were all projects from school.  If I recall correctly, she was given the heart design and the 'L,' how she decorated them was her idea.  The hearts were painted with water color...the L, she added the vine and the stripes and the decoration on the toe tip.  I don't remember how they were colored.  She was told to fill a sheet with a shape, so she chose the simple leaf shape repeated over and over, varying the size and the color.   I think the pumpkins and fence were given to her...maybe she added the bats.

At home, she is in the process of drawing the second girl...she is drawing it from a how to tutorial.  Still, I think she shows so much promise.
The following she did here this weekend...

She just sketched this in nothing flat...I was watching her and wondered what in the world the jagged line was going to be...then she colored it in with watercolor pencils and I realized the lighthouse was high on a cliff.

This is a Christmas card she designed...if you will look closely, you will see where she erased 'snowflakes' in the background.    So simple, but I just love it.

Then what was amazing to me about these is how quick she drew them.  And she did a couple other sheets of just one rose and one of the other flowers and colored them, then touched them with a wet brush, but she must have taken them home with her.


I know, not a lot more than the last time I posted a pic, but there are a few more.  and I have 5 or 6 more cut and basted to the paper and ready to be sewn together.

Friday, November 6, 2020


I will try to catch up on visits in the next day or two...just did not do many today.

 I had my Mohs surgery more cancer on the first time they did it!  I am so very thankful and Roger is beyond relieved.  My appt was at daughter came and took me.  I hated for anyone to have to go and sit and wait.  And wait we did.  I got there early and got in right away...and was back out in the waiting room at 10:28.  It was around 2:00 or a few minutes past before they called my name to come back...she told me on the way that it was cancer free.  So they had to numb me again and stitch me up.  

Anyway, wanted to share the good news... and if I was capable, I felt like doing what the guys are doing in this video:

Tuesday, November 3, 2020


 That is Lorelei on the left in the back...a photo her mom took.  That is two of her best friends with her.  The skeleton, E,  is a couple years older than Lorelei and the one in front, S,  is a couple or three years younger.  (Sarah babysat her and that is how they became friends.)  This is at S's neighborhood.  Her mom and dad go all out and have the yard really decorated, as do her grandparents that live a couple houses down.

Well, her grandparents were sitting out in their drive...her grandpa was dressed as Jack Skellington...I forget what her grandma was dressed as.  But her grandpa had a big spider...I think a foot high or so...I was not there.  Exact size does not matter except that it was big.  And it is controlled by a can be made to lunge forward.

A grandmother came along with her grandchild and sent the grandchild up to pick up candy.  about that time S's grandpa hit the button and the spider lunged.  It didn't bother the child, but scared the grandma so bad she spit her false teeth out!  Oh, my, what fun tales come from these parties.  

Now for some Fur baby photos:

She wanted whatever toy Delta had...she has all kinds of toys but no other would do.  She has since learned to get Delta all revved up to go outside, and after Delta goes out, she runs and gets the toy.

The following are from the weekend...

You got to admit he is quite the cutie...

Notice the ears in both photos...they make me want to giggle.

Here he is all tuckered out...after a day of play.  

He met a lot of his neighbors this weekend...there are two boys across the way that want a dog so bad, but one is allergic to some dogs and others not.  So our daughter told them, it may be what they are bathed with, or how often they are bathed.  If Delta is out a lot and gets a lot of pollen in her coat, she has to be bathed.  The one boy wants a German Shepherd so bad, but the parents are considering a Golden/Poodle mix.  They have to be good kids...they have two different neighbors with small dogs, and they go walk them for their owners.

I will end here is a short little video sure to bring a smile: