Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My DH and I spent yesterday at the hospital with my friend who was having a heart catherization. She didn't find out anything new--she done knew that she had a slightly leaky valve. It can be taken care of with medicine and should not get any worse. We were both very weary when we got home. I did not sew a stitch yesterday.

Today has been a different story. I did all the quilting I am going to do on my string quilt. Here are a couple pictures of it, but I suggest you click HERE which will take you to my pictures at on the album titled 'String quilt 1970's-2007.' It will show close-ups of some of the quilting.

I tried different things in my quilting since this quilt was a mess to begin with. I am definitely of the better finished than perfect persuasion. I cannot wait to have a quilt top/quilt sandwich that is sewn and basted half-way right. I really like the look of all the quilting. I definitely need all the practice I can get, but I will take more time with a quilt top that I have done right to begin with.

I don't know where to begin to tell about this quilt top. I did the string piecing part when I was in high school...I can tell because two or three of the fabrics used are from my freshman year. I used magazine pages folded in half lengthwise and cut off the corners. That was the base I sewed to. I apparently did not do such a good job of getting them all the same size. My mom set them together and I think she gave up on them and just did anyway to get them sewn together. This was planned as an everyday quilt from the very beginning...and it will keep us warm. So all is not in vain.

The third picture is a piece of fabric that I just love. And I think I have seen similiar to it maybe in Hancocks of Paducah catalog...I would dearly love to have some yardage of it. It is the only piece in the quilt I think. My BIL's mother died either when I was still in elementary school or right after I started high school and she had several dresses cut out and ready to sew. This was from one of those.