Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Days spent in the back yard...

This was taken a few days ago by Sarah. The toot would not stand still for a good photo...anyway.....the girls are here. Well, right now only the toot is here...asleep for the night I hope.

Today has been a big day. I had to be at the doctor's office this morn at 8:45. I was dreading it so bad, but walked out full of hope. First I had to have some more x-rays, and one position I had to hold hurt really bad. Next I seen the doctor. He was a young doctor...one I immediately had confidence in.

He does not think I need surgery, and thinks I can get all movement back with therapy. He did give me a steroid shot in the shoulder....not fun. Oh, it wasn't horrible....just a bit more than a normal shot. He said it would take a couple days to take effect and then I should not feel pain.

I am going to have to focus on doing the therapy though and not have days like today where I cannot even take time to do them.
After we got home from there, the girls got here in just a little while. Oldest daughter and I had to go get her self-storage rented, then to get a lock for it....and from there they started loading the truck, trailer and cars. They got the most of it in the first round....not too much at all left for the second round of loads...

Now if it hails, we can put the truck in the garage, and IF I find a few more things of oldest daughter, I can take it and put it in storage.

While they were doing that moving, I played with Lorelei....most of the time was spent playing with water/sprinkler/rocks. She loves running water in a bucket and bowl and having smaller things to fill and pour it from here to there. And she LOVES rocks...

I may try to visit a few blogs now, but am so tired I don't know if I will get far. and I may not get much done tomorrow as I plan on babysitting the toot while her mom tries to get some other stuff done.