Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Who can resist a face like this...


Most days I go sit in the swing on the porch to read, if just for a few minutes. An most days Bubbie comes and sits beside me. Some days he just wants to be near me with me reaching down to pet him.

Other days he is a bit more into he is on the little table beside the swing.  Reaching to grab whatever is near...he is 13 yrs old and will still occasionally try to hide and jump out and scare me when I am walking in from the garage.  Not to mention that he almost always escorts us from the garage to the he can protect us if there is danger.

And while I am at it, have had this for a few days...we have a new name for Otto...The Old Man.  He cannot hear...Sarah has to send Rosie to get him to come in.  He will just stand out in the yard  sometimes.  Does not hear Sarah she tells Rosie to go get him and she will go poke at him and/or get right in his face and yip and it seems to wake him up to the fact he needs to come in.

He is still easy going...loving.  Absolutely one of the best dogs ever.  We always look back with laughter on some of his stunts....The trying to hitch a ride with the UPS guy one time...he got in and Sarah had to literally drag him out, another he was dragging Sarah on the school bus to be with the kids...and one time he totally loved going to Show & Tell for Lorelei.  

Jeremy also bought a Corvette one time...something was wrong with it but I forget what.  He knew it when he bought it...he bought it to fix and sell.  We were there one day and Jeremy was getting ready to take it for a test drive....Sarah told me "Watch Otto when Jeremy gets in the car!"  Oh, his tail could not have wagged any more and his ears perked up.  There was just something about that car he liked. 

Yesterday we were up close to the swamp area so we had to go by there. 

Can you believe this much color...and there was quite a bit more. 

I had something else to chat about but I swear I have gotten side-tracked and cannot remember what it was.   So.... 

Have to share this little video.