Friday, July 13, 2012

Still here....

The original plans were for her to go home today, but she lucked out and got to stay one more night. The only way she is going willingly tomorrow is that there is a birthday party to go to.
I just had to show you her meanie face...she can do it at will....if she can stop laughing long enough.

I would like to have half the energy this girl has....she likes to go outside to watch it get dark. We didn't really last that long either night this time. But I would like to know how many miles she ran. She ran and ran, and had us call out red light-stop and green light- go...over and over. Papaw thought to add a school zone where she had to slow down for a few feet.

And her mom and daddy got her a fishing pole with a little rubber fish tied on. She got till she could cast pretty good most of the time. And the cats played with her and it. She thought that was hilarious. I got out the point and shot to tape it, but every time I taped, she didn't laugh. The minute I stopped, there would come this spurt of giggles. They are just contagious.

That is it from our corner. It was in the 90's here today...not sure how hot. It was kind of miserable out in the sun. There is a slight chance of rain...but chances keep slipping. So am not holding my breath.