Friday, March 25, 2011

Bluebird of happiness

I wonder where the phrase Bluebird of happiness comes it because when you see one, your day is automatically made a bit more cheerful? This one we saw on a drive a few weeks back. We often see them, but ususally don't get a chance to photograph them. And even with this one, I only got the one shot. We were stopped in a covered bridge, so I tried to get out of the car and went around behind to sneak to a place out of view, hoping I could sneak up for a closer shot, but it took off before I even got around the car.
This fellow was out at the strip teams with red-winged blackbirds in the spring....then they all leave. They are beautiful...and very vocal.

As I sit at my computer I glance down the street a couple house and watch a pair of crows...they have a nest in the tiptop of a big pine/spruce type of tree. I cannot actually see the nest, I just see them coming and going all day long. I wonder how many babies they will have, and wonder if one will get blown out during some of the storms that come through.
My boss always told about a kid in his class that had a pet crow....he thought it was the coolest thing. The boy would take off on his bicycle and the crow would come flying from behind and land on the handlebars and ride there.....

My boss told a lot of stories. I wish I had written them down, but just never thought it would all end so suddenly. He told of the circus coming to town--this was a small northern Indiana town. The elephant got loose and went through the town. It went in either a business or home...this is me forgetting which, not my boss. Anyway, it fell through to the basement. And here I don't remember the end of the story.

My boss also told of a boy he went to school with....he was one all the kids just sort of passed over and thought was a doofus....That changed completely with one assignment. They had to memorize a poem, or famous speech or some famous work. I forget what my boss memorized...but the 'doofus' was called on and he had memorize The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and stood at the front of the class to present it.....the class was completely enthralled. It was the last class of the day, and they all wanted to stay late to hear it all...I forget how long he said they sat there. But set there they did...not making a sound.

Just so many stories like that...lunch was ALWAYS fun there...