Monday, April 30, 2012

She came, she conquered...

Lorelei got to play with bubbles today...well, she and I played with them. I think I have as much fun as her.
She was not in the mood to have her picture taken...

though she didn't mind if I shot while she was actually blowing them. But they all look the same almost, so only showing the one...

She had so much fun...she would blow and then just crack up with laughter.
Sarah was hosting a bridal shower in a town near here Saturday, so when it was over we met her there and picked up Lorelei. I do not even know if I could think of all she done, but the beginning of our days together got off to a grand start.

We had not even got pulled away from the parking lot till she was telling her papaw to 'Stay between the lines! You are supposed to stay between the lines!" Well there were no lines...

I guess I didn't tell last week she was with her mom and daddy going somewhere and her dad was driving and she was telling him "Don't cross the white line, Daddy! You are supposed to stay between the lines!"

So, she started with that and had me in tears from laughing so hard...I called her mom to tell her, and Roger said tell her we are bringing her back. Well, I hung up and Lorelei said, "I don't want to go home....I want to go to your house!" I had to explain to her that papaw was just teasing her mom.

So, continuing on, we get through town and get back out to where the speed limit is 55, and she starts telling papaw he is speeding!

We have no idea where she learned about staying between the lines...or the speeding, either for that matter.

She spent two nights with us, and I just met her mom half way between...and almost the whole way there, she was wanting me to take her to school. She wants to go to a red school, too. I told her she would have to talk to her mommy--that she needed to be a little older. She told me she was older...she is 3 now...and she told me she already had talked to her mom and her mom said yes, she could go to school!