Friday, November 10, 2017

Busy times...

Lorelei spent the night last night, and did not go home till the afternoon...she wanted to go to the park last night.

I took her but was so cold we only stayed about 20-25 minutes.  She was fine, but I was freezing.

She told me that people at school that didn't know her name just called her Monkey...because she is always hanging on the monkey bars.  She told me 'That's okay.....I just take it as a compliment.'

She is growing up much too quick....
It has been kind of hectic the past few weeks...I even forgot I had an appt. for a haircut this afternoon!

It is not that I have had so many things to do, but the hoops I had to jump through to get a few things done.  Two things were prescriptions, and I am still waiting on one.  But it is out of my hands.  One doctor was supposed to get Roger an appt. with a pulmonologist, and I waited a week and a half and no, I just got an appt with our family dr....that was Wed. and the appt has done been made....of course it is not until January of next year.  But least one is made.

And that is only part of what has been going has really made me think about stopping blogging completely.  But for now I will carry on a bit longer and see how things go.