Friday, March 27, 2020

Grand-fur babies, etc

First of all, our daughter that lives in St. Louis sent me this one last week:

Delta was a happy camper...her mom had to work from home part of the day.

Then today, Lorelei started sending me pics of their babies.

Poor old Otto...he is getting old.  I am not sure when he was born but I think in 2007 or 2008.  He was a puppy that belonged to neighbor but kept coming to their house.  After about the 3rd time of taking him home, they asked the people did they really want him.  They didn't, so Sarah and Jeremy just kept him.

And above  is Rosie...she is approximately 5 yrs. old.

And of course there is Kitty Soft Paws.  She is a little sweetheart.

I have 3 more leaves finished...

We had some sun peeping in and out...was porch sitting temperatures.  It is wonderful to be outside without having to wear a jacket.