Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Interesting skies...

The sky has really been interesting the past few days....this was taken yesterday. I never tire of looking to see what is going on when the sky is like this. I actually waste a lot of time going to the door to look out or looking out the windows.
To those of you who have asked about Lorelei, she is feeling better. She is still on antibiotics...has a few more days of them left.

She started feeling better just in a day or two after starting them. As you read the following, keep in mind that she does not take naps now, and still will want to stay up till 9:00 sometimes. I think it was about the second night after she started the antibiotics, she came and got her mom's hand and said 'Tickle my Back!' and started leading her down the hallway to her room. Oh, I guess I should tell you, that we always rub/tickle her back just a few minutes when we put her to bed.

Roger asked me who started that....I don't know if it was me or Sarah. When Sarah was little and felt bad, she liked for me to do her face just real lightly with a finger or two...and I know I have always did Lorelei's face and back, but more her back....but I think her mommy has, too.

Anyway, her daddy was up by then, but still had time before he had to work. (he works nights--10:00 p.m/ -10:00 a.m.) Anyway, she stopped to hug him goodnight, and he told her she didn't have to go to bed yet. It was not even dark! She just insisted on Sarah going down the hallway with her, she got in her bed and had Sarah tickle her back about 10 seconds, and told her that was enough, and went on to sleep and slept till 8:30 the next morn, and was only up once during the night.

So, she is doing better with rest also.
We ran out to the orchard and I got apples to make a pie for Roger this evening...I have not even tasted it yet. I really like to have vanilla ice cream to with pie...so I have been holding off.

It was an absolutely glorious day here today...hoping we have several more of them to come.