Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oldies, but not goldies...

I won't even say click to enlarge, because I am not sure it improves any of them much. But I still sort of like them. they are from Mar of 95, though I accidentially saved one as March 96. I will have to remember to correct that.

The first one is not a fire or anything, it is just late evening and the mist starting to rise. I love to witness this, but have never got any good pictures of it.

The next two are sunsets, with the last being a double exposure. But I cannot remember where I was. Maybe I will play with it in the photosoftware and see if I can come up with something for Paintbox Pictures.

Otherwise, I have not done much today. Fixed a big pan of chicken stir-fry for us to have...and late this evening we went and got our trailer and headed over to Brazil (in Indiana, of course) to look at a couch and chair for Rachel. An individual had them for sell...I would not have carried them home had she given them to us. She was asking $100 for the loveseat, chair and ottoman. They were in horrible shape. I am sure I missed some because I seen enough early on that we didn't want to spend anything on them. The cushions had patches in several places and there were holes where the fabric had just worn totally through. And the chair arm and ottoman had definitely been worked on by a cat. Just thread pulled every where.

I would be about ashamed to set something out like that for free, much less ask for money for it. With the looking we have done for stuff for her, I have come to the conclusion that I am crazy for throwing anything away. Someone will always want it. Which, we do put things out and put a sign on them that says 'Free.' Usually, even though the sign is on them, people will come to the door to make sure it is free.