Monday, September 21, 2015


I love it when I find flags in unexpected places...
I love it when they wave high above their surroundings...
or even on the street corner.

One of these years I am going to take the time to go get a picture of at least one of the cemeteries that put out a bunch of little flags every year at 9-11. This one takes a whole big area at the front of their cemetery and covers it with little American flags to commemorate the innocent lives lost that day.  I hope you will take time to see the link...I always wonder how long it takes them to put all those little flags out.  And how do they get them lined up so precisely?

I don't fly a flag, but I tell you since that day, I have often thought about it.  And I still may do it.  Or at least get one to fly at holidays.

Even with that happening, people are willing to go to great lengths to live here.  
Roger has  been working on plumbing all afternoon.  It ended up that one of the fixtures he got was torn up to begin with.  He ran down to our local hardware and the guys were already leaving, had locked the doors and were headed to their trucks, but turned around and let him in to get what he needed.  This time he paid, but another time, they just sent him home with whatever it was, and said pay the next day or whenever he was in.  What can I say...small town living can really be the way to go. 

Since I have not had water all afternoon, I have dishes waiting on me, so guess I will go take care of them before the football game comes on!   Also The Voice starts...I am recording can watch one then the other.