Tuesday, July 30, 2019

A couple blocks...

I made a couple Churn Dash blocks...the one above is 12 inch finished...

The other is quite a bit bigger....they are for a Vlog friend for her birthday.  I am late getting them made and mailed.

For a bit of fun, how many of you remember Johnny Carson?

I so wish they would release his shows to Netflix or Prime....

Monday, July 29, 2019

43 yrs ago...

Our daughter sent us this...43 years ago we said our vows.    So long as it is not like our 40th  anniversary I will not complain...he had a mini stroke on our 40th, followed by the brain bleed on Aug 2. 

The flowers came at the perfect time....when it was thundering and beginning to rain so sure served as a bright spot to the day.

I have never seen this plant in flowers before.  It reminds me of the Silver Dust I used to buy, but not exactly like it.  So maybe it is a different variety?  I don't know.

Monday, July 22, 2019

I finally finished these little potholders...I should name call them Little Bits of Me...I have had the front of them made for a while.  And Sarah has taken one home...

They are bits and pieces of quilting material just sewn together any way.

I actually buys scraps from a quilt shop to mix in with my own.  Crazy.  I know.  But I cannot resist.

They are made to use, not to be pretty.  I did not think to take a picture of the back.  The backings on these are heavy denim....in between the front and the back is a lay of insul-bright, a layer of batting, and also just another square of fabric...I did not put hanging loops on them because I didn't feel like taking the time.  Neither my girls nor I hang them, so why bother.

Roger has been having off times...will be fine for a bit and then feel terrible.  I took away one med that he had recently been put on and it has helped.  Yesterday is the first day he has felt half-way normal all day in ages.  And keep in mind his normal is never really normal...not since his stroke.    It is just a new normal.


Have you ever taken a big ham steak and grilled it?  I have did them like that forever, but don't think I have ever heard of anyone else doing it.  I did one tonight for the first time in a while. It was delicious.  I had got it to have with Lorelei, but ended up just going ahead and fixing it.  So will have to get more for when she is here.

I will leave you with a little Ken Davis:

If you only knew....maybe I should tell it here.  Admit to it.  Give you a glimpse of my real life.

Since Roger's stroke, other than when I had my accident and could not drive, he wants to go to breakfast every single morn.  McDonald's and Hardee's are the usual fare, along with going to a local diner once or twice a week.

Oh, and when Lorelei spends the night, she likes my cooking, so we stay home.  And he will eat and not complain.

But we have had some major arguments over where to eat....he could not make a decision.  He would say wherever you want to go.  And I would say, you are the one wanting to go...you choose!  It is funny now, but sure was not then.  He would say he just wanted me to be happy...I would say "don't say that or we will stay home cause that is what will make me happy."

I am not doing this justice...it was not every day....the arguments I mean.  But the getting up to go was every day...he would not eat at home.  And we still go every single day of the week unless Lorelei is here.  I think being out, he forgets he is not normal.  It gives him something else to think about.  And he wants to sit there. So we sit and do some therapy.   We sit there for at least an hour, probably more often than not an hour and a half. 

Now he will say which one he wants to go to if he has a preference, other times he really doesn't care.

Anyway, that is just a little glimpse...not a full disclosure.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

A hosta tale...

This first photo does not look like many....they are on the left side of the door on our garage....at one time I had planted two little plants on each side.  One of the ones on this side died...and the other was as close to being dead as could be.  There was more of these on this side last year...not sure what happened.  There is one more that is not in this photo.

We had and electric wire come down on top of the garage and it touched the step and ground right by them...but they did not do good even before that.  But it was like the electric shock hurt them even worse.

As some of you know, I love rocks, and collect them wherever I go, and the neighbors that know I love rocks will pick me up a rock when they travel.  I got the bright idea to put rocks around them. 

Look at the other side:

I could not begin to count these.

The ones on the right side take up a space at least 6 or 7 ft. long.  And I only planted two little hostas to begin with...they came from Walmart.

Every time I go in and out of the garage, they make me happy.  I figured putting rocks around would help some, but never dreamed it would help that much.  And they are rocks...as big as my two fists put together and on up in size. 

Its a Bubbie post....

Usually every night at some point he has to set with me, sometimes more than once.  Sometimes only for a few minutes sometimes for an hour, give or take a few minutes.

Who can resist a face like this.

He often covers his face like this.....


This is the first Simon's Cat I saw, when Bubbie was just a youngster...and it is so him.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Got to show you this....

I have been meaning to take a picture of one of these hostas for weeks now...I wish I had got it done before they started shedding their blooms.    That is my flipflop setting on the leaf....

I don't have huge feet,  but not tiny either.  These were just a couple I bought at Walmart maybe 3 years ago....I think I bought them either right before Roger's stroke or maybe a year before that.

In our life 'BS' has an entirely different meaning to what most people think of...it means Before Stroke.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Bits and pieces....

This is my last Asiatic to bloom...it is one my older daughter got me last year,  She actually got me two, but for some reason the other one did not survive.  They were planted very close to each other so why it died, I do not know.
Lorelei is here for a couple nights...she is playing on her kindle, but also listens to what we watch on TV.   Right now we are watching A Company of Heroes...it is focused on some of the other men interviewed that were not used in The Band Of Brothers.  It is well done in my opinion....shows the real men talking. 


I used to have a big bunch of phlox but it has died away till there is hardly any left.  I really need to get myself together and do some work but it just does not get done.

Last week was the week to end all weeks...or I thought it was going to be.  Roger had been starting to get over that sorenesss in his ribs.  I don't even recall if I have told about that.  Seems like it is always some kind of drama that I tell on here.  About three week, maybe more now, we were at Walmart on a Saturday and his chronic cough hit.  And he started holding his ribs...he said a cramp hit him.

But it was not a cramp.  It kept hurting.  In fact when he passed out, he was trying so hard to suppress the cough cause it hurt so bad.  Well, in a day or two after that, the hurting eased up and he was started to be more normal.  Then he did something that got it to hurting every time he coughed.  And he would clamp his teeth and lips together and just refuse to actually cough.

I ended up taking him to our nurse practitioner for the pain...and she gave him ibuprofen to get rid of inflammation.  I had thought about giving it to him, but with all the meds he takes, I hate to give him anything without talking to someone.  So, before it took effect, he was sitting in his chair and the coughing hit him, and he was just determined not to cough...and he set there and passed out in his chair.  Just for a second...and came back, too.  But let me tell you, it is scary when their eyes roll back in their head.  And he did it again...in a day or two. 

I am so crazy with it all I did not tell our Nurse Practitioner about him passing out the first time...and I still think it is just from him refusing to cough.   But in just a couple days of starting the ibuprofen he was and is feeling so much better.  She did have his x-ray done to check for broken rib and that is negative.

I am hoping he feels good for a while now.  Last week was just not good at all.
I have been so distracted while typing this.  It will be pouring down on our house and across the street the sun is shining! 

Hope you are enjoying life and what you are doing...

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Lorelei, the fashion model

My phone beeped this evening...and there was this pic.  Don't you just love it.  Do you see all three?

Can you believe how she has grown...of course you are not seeing her standing beside me.  But believe me she is turning into a young lady.  She is still like a ray of sunshine for us.  She is longing to go wading in the creek and they are either way to high to wade,  specially the one that we can easily get to.  Others are not so high, but either  no place to get down to the creek, or if there is, no good sand/gravel bar to be on.

I don't think we have went a whole week without rain this summer.  And most of the time it rains more than one day.  Maybe just a quick soaking shower, maybe light rain all day...but seems like we get rain of some sort at least two or three times a week.


I have only made 35 of these....I cannot settle down and really work on them.  I sew them just to have something to sew.  But my heart is not in them.

And I cannot leave these scrappy things alone either.  At least when I do sew.  Last week I did not touch sewing at all.  First one thing and then another kept me from it.

Now for a little funny, here you go....I hope you have a nice rest of the week and hope you get a chuckle from the video: