Sunday, October 5, 2008

Change of pace...

from the Newport Hill Climb.....
There is an event in our county called the Newport Hill Climb. It takes place annually in Newport, Indiana and is sponsored by the Newport Lions Club the first weekend of October. The first hill climb took place in 1909...can you imagine that?
I hate to admit this, but we have lived here since our first child was about 5 months old and have never went. I am here to tell you I got more than I expected! There were dozens of beautiful old cars and trucks....all spic and span, with not a fingerprint to be seen anywhere.
And shiny where it should be shiny...and overall just wonderful. I am having a hard time picking out the words to describe it.
Kind of the worst and best thing at the same time was the number of was hard to get shots without someone in the way. If I was bold, I would have liked to ask some of them to stand posed, but I don't like my own picture taken so have a hard time asking others to do something I don't want to do myself.
I had a feeling the gentleman in the red and white ball cap belonged with this truck. Isn't it wonderful? And some of them had that old vehicle don't normally think of that as a good smell, but it was today.
And something I really enjoy is just looking inside the vehicles...the dashboards of the older cars is one of my favorite features and I an not even sure why. Maybe they remind me of simpler times, or maybe it is just the way they are made. They seem so you never thought you would hear that to describe a car dashboard, did ya?

Weeping willows, etc...

For a while now, I have been wanting to start photographing weeping willows. I just don't seem to see that many around here...oh, there are a few. Just not a big number of them.
Up north, I had ample opportunity though! I honestly think there are a lot more up there. Could it just be the distance that we traveled...possible. Yet I don't remember noticing a lot of them till we got up to northern Indiana and from there on.
I don't know why I like them so much, but I do. These are a few of the ones I captured this time.
I think at least one or two photos I have already posted from the trip had some weeping willows.
And then there is this thing...not a weeping willow, but interesting anyway. Does anyone have any idea why it would grow that ball at the top of the trunk. We passed it so quick, I was lucky to make this capture. I don't think there were any others like it, but not sure. Roger didn't know what I was trying to capture till I downloaded the picture and showed him.