Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Too tired to do anything that requires thinking....

I am too tired to make a decision about a photograph to publish, so will do Lorelei videos. While we are at it, lets do a couple. Be sure and have your sound the second one, she does not know what to shake first.

Now to the reason I am tired...our older daughter came up today and we went mushroom hunting. We were in the woods at least a couple or three hours, and in that entire time only two were found. And our daughter found them.

After we came home, she went home and I rested a little bit. And then the fun began! We had the furnace put in yesterday, and I must say we are both so relieved to have that done. The guys worked hard all day long to get it done. They did take a break for lunch, but that was it. They were here by 9:00 and was at least 4:30 when they left.

I had had to move some of my sewing stuff in order for them to be able to work...only another quilter could comprehend just what I mean by sewing stuff. Last night I did go down there but just could not face getting things back in order, but I knew I had to get busy this evening. I have been busy off and on all evening and night...and had Roger down there part of the time cause I needed muscle power.

A bit back I let Sarah have one of my sewing machines....but of course she didn't want the big old desk I had for it. At least I don't think she did. So, I wanted to rearrange things...and I did. We are both dragging now. My desks are the big heavy, full sized office desks and it is all both Roger and I together can do to move them.

Anyway, I am so glad to have it done...I still have some 'stuff' to rearrange, but that is not like lifting and tugging and pulling. Oh, and hunting...did I mention hunting? I can lose more stuff than any person I know...and I spent a good half hour looking for this piece of thin plywood that my sewing machine has to set on to be the right height. Roger finally went out to the garage to cut another one...about the time he got done I found it. So now I have two. But that is okay. If I had the nerve I would go back down and finish putting stuff away, but too tired.

That's all for tonight....going to go post a photo on my other blog and maybe watch a little TV....