Thursday, October 4, 2012

Did you know...

Would you ever guess that I love fall?  Just kidding...

What I wanted to say is this...and is probably most of you know this.  When I had Windows XP, if I was reading something that was hard to read, I could highlight it and then hold the curser over it, and roll the scroll button and it would increase the size of the print.  Well, I had noticed that didn't work with Win7.  I don't remember really thinking about the situation with don't know what worked with it.

But the other day I had open something that was hard for me to read, so I googled how to increase the size.

To increase the size of the page you are looking at, hold down the control button and hit the '+' don't have to hold down the shift. 

To shrink/decrease the size of a webpage, hold down the control key and hit the '-' sign.

Of course, you don't use the apostrophes either time....just thought maybe someone might use this.
Misted rain this morn, but finally cleared up this evening.  It will be tempting to get up and take off somewhere tomorrow.