Friday, September 27, 2013

Random thoughts....

Time again for Random Five...I had not thought about it till a few minutes ago.  I really admire the people that aren't afraid to say what they are thinking...I always self edit.  Anyway, here are a few of my random thoughts...

1.  The first thing that popped into my mind is that I cannot wait for the weekend because Lorelei is coming to visit.  She has not been here since Labor Day weekend. Even though I took a few things to the family reunion, I still have a little pile of stuff to give her.  we are always seeing little things we think she would like. Any time we think of her and talk about her, we are always laughing.  Her mom got to volunteer at her preschool a few weeks ago.  Now, keep in mind on her very first day of school, she asked her mom if the teachers would like hugs.  Sarah told her she was sure they probably would.

So she absolutely loves preschool.  And her teacher told Sarah she is all about following the rules.  Mrs. W told Sarah it was so cute...she would see Lorelei raise her hand and have such a serious little face.  When Mrs. W asks Lo what she needs..Lo tells her she could sure use a hug!

It is things like this keeps a smile on our face...even through rough times.

2.  It has been a hard, hard month....I hope next month is better.

3.  Even with the hard things, there has been joy, too.

4. I had a decluttering day the other day....I told my husband it pays to declutter.  I was working in my kitchen and found $40!  I first found $20 up in with my cookbooks, Then there was another $20 bill I found.  I was cleaning off my fluorescent light.  It is mounted on the is a convenient place to set little things that I want to sit out of the way. It was weird, I had ran my dishrag over it and looked down, and there was that $20 and I had not even realized I had picked anything up other than a bit of dust.  And I think I had laid that $20 there a long time ago for something...thinking I would need to grab it to pay something but now I haven't a clue.  So not only did I come out free of some things that were cluttering up my cabinets, I came out $40 richer.

5.  It is past midnight now....I really hope I can remember to link to Random Five when it's that for my last random thought? 

Right now, I think I will go mop my kitchen and clean my bath till I don't have to do it in the morn..