Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tripping down memory lane...

I was over at East Gwillimbury Camera Girl's blog and seen this post...well that part of the title that says 'Slays the dragon' kicked off a search.  For a song.  I could not remember the exact phrase...but knew there was one with something about slaying a dragon.

I did searches for the phrases 'slay the dragon' and 'slayed the dragon' at all kinds of places and could not find what I was looking for.  I ask Roger could he think of a song that has the phrase 'slay the dragon' in it...he couldn't.  And I could not even tell him anything about it.  All I could hear in my mind was 'sl... the dragon'  I could not quite make out what form of the word slay was used.

So I looked and looked and looked some more.

He mentioned the Superman Song which is by Five for Fighting.  Well, that wasn't it but it did lead me to looking for artists similar to Five for Fighting.  And I found the mention Colin Hay, who was a member of Men at Work--are you old enough to remember them?  Anyway,  it led me back to this song:

I don't remember how I originally found this song, but it is one of our favorites.  We have sat here and listened to it two or three times.

Along the way I happened to bump into The One I love/David Gray,  which made me want to look up Shatter/o.a.r,..along with All I Want/Toad the Wet Sprocket.

Then I found this...I think you will enjoy watching it.  One little boy is really shy, but the other end up having a good time.  I had not seen it before but am sitting here with a big old smile on my face: thanks to EG's post, we have had a really enjoyable evening.  I first saw her post at about 8:00 p.m.  and it was about 11:30 before I zeroed in on it.

Does any of the songs bring back memories for you?  And doesn't it feel good to bump into a song you haven't heard in a while?