Friday, January 6, 2012

Life at the strip pits

I ran out to the strip pit area night before last to see what I could you can see by the photo below we have had some cold weather.
If I had to title this photo, I would call it Teepees on Ice...just reminded me of an Indian village if I use my imagination.
There were several geese out as the sun started to set...I suppose they were coming in from the fields.
I am not sure if the above will show on your is very dark at best. So I hit the auto levels button and got the bottom photo...not your greatest photo but it shows the geese better.
I always wonder what they have seen in their travels to get here.
It is supposed to get up in the high 50's today...I am trying to make up my mind if I want to stay home or want to get out and go while the going is good. I actually wish I could do both, cause I really feel like staying home, yet I feel like we should take advantage of the nice weather and get out while the getting it good.