Sunday, March 15, 2009

Today's doings..

The following photos were all taken today...I hope you will take the time to enlarge them. The barn for its beauty....
and its colorful appeal....
And these of the house. Another of those houses that would have volumes to tell if we could only hear.
What really impresses me on some of the old houses is some of the artistic work that has gone into making them beautiful. Just look at the porch and then this has to wonder what tools were available to do the work. Or are they new enough till someone just went and got them and put them in place. I don't really think that was the case, but even if it was, it still took time and effort to get them in place.
I am not sure how good this next photo is...I had to use photoshop to make it at all viewable. (Every now and then for no apparent reason I will have a photo turn out so dark that it has to be messed with...all these others are straight out of the camera. And they are all at the same stop along the road.)
First of all the top window pane has little panes of colored glass all around the edge...I don't know if you would call it stained glass or not. But it is still something you don't see very often on every day homes. And notice this window has the same work above it as the other one...but then glance on farther up at the peak part of the house...I guess that is what you would call it. The part with the clamshell work...I don't have any idea how that is done. But look all along the bottom of it...more artistic work. Not sure if this is classified as gingerbread trim or not...

I think we can safely assume that this house was well loved by someone. Don't you just wish you knew the real story and didn't need to imagine it?

You know what prompted today's travels? I think I mentioned I had to do some work on my daughter's curtains...well, in the early afternoon, I was all set to start on them when I realized I did not have the right color thread. I ask Roger if he wanted to go to Walmart with me...he needed two or three things out there so he did. I took my camera along, and after picking up what we needed, I had more might say I had an ulterior motive for asking Roger if he wanted to go.

Not too far from here is a very small has one gas station and one or two tiny restaurants, plus a little place that has a drive through or you walk up and order and sit at picnic tables...and they have cheesecake ice cream. I had been craving we went on up there we went. And of course I took my camera...I am getting more and more till I don't leave home without it.

Now from there, Roger wanted to go back where we went last week to this one covered bridge to see how high the water was...he is ready to start wading and fishing. But Sugar Creek was way out of the banks so that put a halt to those plans...

But it did lead us on a little drive and that was fun.

Did I get the curtains done? No, but I have a good start on them. Should get them finished tomorrow if nothing else happens. But for now, good night.