Sunday, October 20, 2013


Every time I see a log cabin,it reminds me of the time when I was young, we went to visit a friend of mom and dad's.  But I only have very vague memories...and I would dearly love to remember all of the visit.

He lived in an actual old log cabin.  I remember feeling like I was entering another world.  I was only inside the cabin for a little bit, but I remember feeling that the ceiling was lower than normal.  I felt closed in...I don't remember any windows.  There were things hanging from the ceiling.  I don't remember what all, but I think there were some plants hung upside down to dry.

Being a kid, I was sent outside to play...I remember being told to watch for snakes.  There was a great, big old evergreen tree in the front yard...just something about the memories I have make me think of Santa Claus....I think the man had a long white beard, so maybe that is why.  I think he was married, but I don't remember his wife.

I know he had bees...remember walking over to this building and inside was all kinds of frames...I think that is what they are called but not sure.  I am talking about the part of a bee hive that the honey is on.  I just remember think there was sooooo many...and he was building more...and the barn/building they were in was so light and airy compared to the log cabin. He also opened up a bee hive and pulled out one of the frames to show us the honey on it...I don't remember how close we were to it, but he did not put on any protective clothing that I can remember.  And he wasn't getting the honey...he was just showing it to us.

Well those are my memories for today...they are vague but I think of that place fairly often.  I always wonder just how accurate I am remembering it.  I also wonder what else I did while I was there.  I remember it is being nestled in close to the side of the hill/mountain.  Woods were all around.  And seems like we looked out over a little overgrown bottom to the building where he build his beehives.  And I cannot remember the beehives....just remember him pulling a frame out of one and the bees buzzing around him, but not really mad.

And one last thought--when was the last time you warned a child to watch out for snakes?