Monday, January 21, 2019

From my oldest daughter...

My oldest daughter was traveling for work,  and had left Delta with Lorelei and her mom.  So she comes back to the Indianapolis airport, comes to Sarah's house.  And stays for the holiday...but she and Lorelei drive to St. Louis to check on her house.  She sent me this scene the next morning.  Delta is waiting for Lorelei to get up...I think she has adopted Lorelei as her own.  She always waits for Lorelei to get up when Lorelei visits them.

One day when Daughter was here we were down in the basement sewing, and we could hear Delta up here...just constantly pacing.  Could not rest with us down there.  Well, daugher went and picked up Lorelei from school and brought her here.  We did not hear another peep from Delta, and when we came up, Lorelei was sitting on the couch and Delta was laying below her, perfectly content.
This is a project that my daughter is working on.   So simple but so beautiful, I think.

She works full time,  and I she seldom works just 40 hours, yet she still does so much more than me with her sewing.