Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Today was a beautiful day here in the Midwest...rain is supposed to be heading back our way but I am hoping it will hold off till tomorrow afternoon.

The day started out wonderful...the first thing I got a fabulous shot for Skywatch Friday...I can't wait to show it. I wonder if anyone else will love it the way I do. Be sure and check back Friday. Then I got to visit with Mama Squirrel as my earlier pictures show. I am sure in hopes that it doesn't disturb her too bad when we get these trees cut down. This is her third season with us.

I went for a drive and though I didn't end up with any outstanding shots, I got some fairly nice ones. More barns are among them. I actually have thought about starting a blog with nothing but pictures of barns...but then what would I post here? It was just so nice to be out and about in good weather. Though I was on the lookout for vultures, I missed the one and only chance of a picture of one today... I could kick myself. It would have been an excellent the big fish that got away.

I also got a couple pictures of of which I am showing here. There are a few places around here that have them, but I don't know their reasons for raising them. A friend my husband had down home in Tennessee had one or two to help guard his sheep. But the ones here are not near sheep. I read they they make excellent pets and are good pack animals, but that don't seem to fit with the ones I see. So maybe people are using their wool. Whatever their purpose, I think they are sure and click the picture to enlarge and look at the eyes. Just beautiful.

Then my other picture I am showing is one that I just can't get just does not do the real life scene justice. It is of the power lines and I when I see them one right after another as far as the eyes can see as in this picture, I think of them as Silent Sentinels. I wish I had a bucket truck that I could get up in and get a view from higher in the air...just to see if it would give the feeling that I get when I look at them. It is almost an other world feeling...again be sure and click to enlarge to get the real feeling of the photo.

I can't help but wonder what of our modern conveniences will be left two or three hundred years from now and what will future people think of them. Will they know what they were and their uses?
Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful?
I had wondered if she would be afraid if I had my camera with me to take pictures but she wasn't at all. She had ran out of nuts when I first went out there and she had to examine the camera to make sure it wasn't holding out on her. So I ran back in to get more because she would not be still for a second otherwise.