Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Red barn in white

This is another drive-by shot....on the way to Sarah's. I wanted to post something but don't feel like dragging out the camera right now for what I want to post about so will put this photo up.
What I would like to know is this: does everyone go to Walmart, or wherever you go, with the intentions of getting just a few things and almost always end up with a cart piled high? I just got home a few minutes ago....I got a new dish drainer. I have a dishwasher and had went to the small dish drainer. Lately, I have been washing dishes more than using the dishwasher, and find I need the bigger drainer.

I about fainted when I saw the price....the drainer was $12.47, which would put it over $13 with taxes. The tray it sits on was $7.97.....and get this, I don't like doing dishes. I don't let them set and set....I cannot bare to go in to cook with a big pile of dirty dishes sitting. So mine are always done up at least once a day, and most times two...occasionally three.

I feel like I have been doing dishes all my life. I am sure I am not the only woman that feels like that....and I don't just hate the job itself. It is the fact that I no more than get them done, till someone messes up some. It feels like I make no headway. I really would hate to see all the dishes I have done put in a pile....it would be a mountain I am sure.

As for how long I have been doing them, I think I started around 4th grade...not sure...could have been a little earlier or a little later. I always did the supper dishes...and helped with either the breakfast or dinner dishes. You would think I could not forget which other one I helped with, but for the life of me I don't remember.

She did teach me to do them and get them over with...every now and then I would try to put them off, and she would tell me I could, but that I would have to get up early the next morn and wash them. She would let me leave a cast iron pan every now and then....which she usually did that night. She was not one to leave a bunch of dirty dishes either.

I can so clearly remember one time, my brothers and I were out playing ball after supper. Mom came to the back door and yelled and told me it was time to do the dishes....so, I went in uncomplaining...it did no good with mom so we basically didn't do too much. Anyway, when I got in, she had them already washed them for me...what she really wanted was to give me some ice cream. There had been just a little bit left, so she gave it to me.

I remember that so clearly....

See, ice cream was a BIG treat in our world....it was something we probably did not have once a month...not even sure if we averaged having it once every two months. And we almost always got butter pecan! You would think I would be tired of it by now, but about half the time I get ice cream now, I will still get butter pecan.

Have you ever had a float made with butter pecan ice cream and Pepsi? In my own opinion, no other float can compare....though now I usually use Coke. Everyone says they don't want to deal with the nuts, but they usually go to the bottom and you use a spoon and eat them last.
Oh, the tests came back negative on Lorelei....and she IS feeling better and the temperature has been down the past two days. I am so relieved that she is feeling better. And her mommy is feeling good. So things are definitely looking up.

Now if I could just have a day or two of sunshine and bright blue skies...I might feel like doing something.