Monday, August 22, 2011

Clinton County Courthouse, Frankfort, Indiana

I have been meaning to post these photos of the Clinton County is located in Frankfort, Indiana and was built in 1882-1884 and was designed by George W. Bunting. I would say job well done!
I only managed to capture a couple of details as we passed through. At least we were going slow.
It makes me want to go back and be there after business hours and to have time to walk around and take more photos. This courthouse is another beauty.
On the home front, we have been quite busy....doing a job or two that needed to be done here at home. Roger replaced a toilet...nothing was broken or anything like that...we just wanted one of the tall ones. Our bathroom is quite small so talk about a job! It is so hard to work when you don't have room. I am so thankful that he can do about anything. I kind of wanted to do it now before we got any older...I knew someday we would probably really want/require one. So just decided to do it while we had the time and was able.

And today I have hung three loads of laundry out and have most of it put away. Just have to bring in the towels and fold and put them way. I feel like I have run a race the number of times I have been up and down the steps. The first load went off balance two or three times before it was finished...I had rinsed it twice and cannot remember if it stopped on the last cycle or not.

Bubbie has been in high form...we are going to have to get out a toy or I am going to have to take time to play hide and seek with him after while. He has been after me off and on all day...tackling my sandals, nipping me, reaching to grab me as I pass....and he just has a look that you know he is wanting to get into something but he is so rough the other cats don't like to play with him. So it is left to us to entertain him sometimes.

Also, I have really avoided feeding hummingbirds because of the cats, but I keep seeing them looking till they almost make me feel guilty. I guess I could rig one up high enough till the cats could not jump and get them. But the season is about over so might wait until next year.

That is it from my corner of the world...I need to go get those towels in and then I might settle down and either read or sew....