Sunday, June 2, 2019

At last

Saturday night...

I have been looking for a swing for the past two or three years.  I could not find one to suit me.  the one I had was the cheapest of swings...I had given $69 for it at Walmart but it just fit me.  I had it for at least 12-14 years.  But the seat and back were made of some kind of outdoor cloth. It had finally wore out to the point of it had to go.

Before Roger's stroke I had been going to have him make either a wooden seat and back, or else go get metal and make the seat and back with it.  I just do not like fabric for outdoor furniture.  I have my reasons which I am not inclined to share at the moment.  Anyway, that was just one of many plans that the stroke put an end to.

I found this one on Amazon, but it is from is inexpensive but the reviews were fairly good..   It has a nice smooth swing.  Hopefully I will get to try it out some in the next few days.  I always love to sit in the swing and read.


My Asiatic Lilies have started blooming...this being the first color.   So have them to look forward to.

I have been to McDonald's with Roger this morn...can we say late morn?  I am home and trying to make up my mind to take the day and relax and do fun stuff.  Since my accident, doing just normal jobs takes more out of me and I am slow going.  Now my knee on my other legis messed up...I think something happened to it when I fell...I have been very careful with it ever since.  If I put even the slightest weight on that foot and twist I feel it.  Not sure what brought it on, but has been being very painful ever since we mowed the yard last Thursday.  I am wondering will I be able to mow again.

Sandra was talking about why she blogs and ask the rest of us what are our reasons.  My reasons are varied.  I started this blog to try to encourage myself to take more photos and to share. And to share my love of quilting and sewing.  I also started it as a sort of daily record of my life.  But I have never found the courage or stupidity, depending on which viewpoint you take, to share the nitty, gritty of life.  I sometimes think of starting a separate blog for that.

I do share some of the ups and downs, but not the minor frustrations that make me grit my teeth.  Or make me cry with frustrations.  For instance a while back I needed the hacksaw for something.  I thought Roger had one in the basement and one in the garage.  I went downstairs and no, not there.  I went to the garage and could not spot one for love nor money.  I was so very, very frustrated....and glanced down, and there it was hanging at the end of his big work table.  I did not share that....and these words do not my feelings justice.

I really wish I could get back to writing the day to day boring stuff...

That is it for now...think I am going to take my book and go to the swing and read....I am reading The Mother:  A Novel by Pearl S. Buck...