Sunday, February 3, 2013

From the strip pits

We were driving through the strip the end of Jan.  We saw this 'thing' on the power line from a distance.  When we got close we could see that it was a dead bird. 
This second picture is is not very good...but you can for sure tell it is a bird...I have heard of birds and squirrels getting electrocuted...but not in a place like this.  It was always a case of touching the power line and the pole. 

It was out in the middle of now where...on the power lines seen here...not even near anything as you can see.  So it is a mystery.

As we were about to leave the strip pits I happened to spot the fellow below...
It is not that is a cropped photo.  I think it is just turning into an adult.  I can still see bits of white on it and I felt I could see bits of brown in the tail feathers for sure.

We are watching the Super Bowl...had not even been excited about it but it is areally good game.  So I am getting back to it.