Tuesday, April 12, 2022

New kid on the block...pardon the photo overload.

 Isn't she adorable?

The photos are in order, except for the very first one...it should be last.  But these are just a few of the ones I took.

Above is not good technically but I was sitting on the porch , she was on the first step down reaching up trying to find another snack.  She is not still a second unless she has something to eat.

I have the one above scheduled to post over my other blog as well as here.

I have not decided on a name.

So, I have fed her 3 or 4 times in the past few months.  I try to keep pecans available.  I know she loves them.  The first thing I do when I go outside is look for a squirrel...if I see one I try to decide if it is her.  If I think it might be her, I yell "Little Squirrely!"  Not loud loud, but  just a shade above a talking voice.  If it is her she sits up and takes notice.

So I came home from shopping today.  I scan the area for her when I get home and don't see her or any squirrel for that matter.  I  carried in 3 or 4 loads, and was going back to the car to get the last and all of a sudden I realize she is in and around my feet...and she starts to take off.  I have no idea how long she had been there, or where she came from.  I had nuts in the car, for her, in case we get home and she is here.  I get a couple, call her, and give her one or two...she is sitting there eating, looking towards the house.  My back is to the house.  It is windy and she is nervous at strange sounds.  Then she just takes off across the street and up a tree.  I look back and Roger had came out the door...

So I finished getting things in and put away, and just went out back to sit and see if she will come.  I could not see her at all.  But I yell for her, and just sit and keep watching...finally I see a movement...it is her coming down the tree. and she comes running and we visit at least 20 minutes....I am so thrilled.  I am wondering if she is pregnant...I have no idea where she considers home.

When Mama Squirrel started coming here, she had her babies in our tree every year...most years she had a litter in spring and one in the early fall.

Roger had blood drawn about 10 days ago, and we went yesterday to get the results.  His A1c was back down within normal range.  He was no longer anemic, and also his magnesium level was back up within the normal range.  So all that was good.  But we had a long wait, plus when we see her, she really sits and asks questions and examines him.  

I don't know if that was it or what, but Roger did not feel good this entire day.  Till along about 9:00.  He said he was starting to feel normal.    It is hard when he feels bad or has this certain look in his face.  But I am getting better at telling myself we all have days we don't feel good, or just don't feel normal.

That is it for tonight...no video or anything.